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The nominees are here: Best Websites of 2017 announced!
Posted by Wayne Smith on 10 February 2017 11:03 AM

2017 Blades Awards Finalists are below.


Best Feature

This year’s excellent nominees for Best Feature put customer satisfaction first with conversion-boosting Miva features like custom product builders, easy-to-use calculators, innovative cart management, and seamless multi-channel integration.

  • NHS Fun Factory

The star player of the dazzling NHS Fun Factory super-site is a fully custom skateboard builder, which allows customers to live-configure every detail of their dream rig and add to cart as a fully built package.

  • Growers Solution

Greenhouse and nursery supply authority Growers Solution implements a conversion-boosting custom shade cloth calculator which allows customers to easily configure size and materials, with on-the-spot pricing updates.

  • Artificial Plants & Trees

With more than 15,000 products to choose from, Artificial Plants and Trees expert use of the multi Add-to-Cart feature encourages customers to increase order size while they enjoy a streamlined and intuitive shopping experience.

  • BTO Sports

As the top online seller of motocross gear, accessories, and attire worldwide, BTO Sports’ customers demand precise organization and easy access to thousands of products across dozens of brands and categories. By using product attributes to offer laser precise upsell suggestions, this sophisticated site uses Miva’s Product Page Upsell feature with brilliant results.



Most Improved

These outstanding nominees for Most Improved Website leverage bold new designs, custom product display, and next-level backend integration tools to dramatically update and improve their stores.

  • Hats, Scarves And More

Hats Scarves and More’s beautiful collection of comfortable and fashionable headwear for women experiencing hair loss due to cancer treatment and alopecia demonstrates the power of ecommerce to create community and empower people to live happy lives. Weaving a compelling brand story into dynamic product displays and inspiring testimonials, this redesigned site helps women around the world feel great.

  • Lollar Pickups

The incredible passion, tradition, and expertise that Lollar Pickups puts into their signature hand-crafted guitar and bass pickups are reflected in this stunning site redesign conceived and executed by the company. The power of artisan product design is captured with beautiful product photography, advanced customization features for size and finish, and innovative SoundCloud integration so customers never miss a note.

  • G-Code Holsters

Digital agency Tayloe Gray designed and built a powerful new site for Tactical Holsters/G-Code’s collection of military, law enforcement, and enthusiast holster and weaponry gear. Bold imagery, intuitive site organization, and sophisticated product displays which offer customers a dynamic choice of color, finish, and precise size all work together to drive conversions and deliver high quality products.

  • Isobella & Chloe

Isabella and Chloe’s delightful youth apparel and gift business upgraded from a limited blog feel to a colorful modern site that is as sophisticated as it is charming. Utilizing beautiful photography, a fine-tuned CSS style sheet, and thoughtful product collection organization, customers experience a cohesive and conversion-inspiring expression of the brand.



Best Small Business Website

These outstanding nominees for Best Small Business Website delivered big league results by creatively using the latest tools for branding, product presentation, personalized web experiences, and custom data integration.

  • Independent Iron

Independent Iron’s bold American V-Twin motorcycle parts, gear, and tire super-store leverages strong design and iconic imagery to represent the total lifestyle of this adventurous and passionate community. Excellent use of product attributes and customer resources deliver precise and relevant shopping experience, with a fully responsive design which translates brilliantly to mobile for a customer that is always on the go.

  • Bed Bath Home

This family-owned linen, bedding, and decor site brings enterprise-level sophistication across a vast product catalog, employing modern merchandising techniques such as sale messaging, reviews, and targeted upsells to drive conversions and deliver first rate customer service.

  • The Home Decorating Company

Home Decorating Company’s luxury bedding mega-store balances expert promotions with innovative product and category organization to maximize customer choice and boost conversions. By grouping products into easy-to-navigate collections on every product page, customers are effectively encouraged to increase the value of every order.

  • Drape Style

With an emphasis on high quality textiles and a broad range of color and print options, DrapeStyle’s sophisticated drapery fabric and window covering site caters directly to the discerning eye of the design-oriented customer, delivering highly visual navigation and innovative fabric swatch displays.



Best Enterprise Website

From managing diverse and elaborate product catalogs to world-class customer experience, these nominees for Best Enterprise Site created the most graceful and highly effective ecommerce solutions of the year.

  • Bare Bones Broth

This bold, colorful site is sparking a revolution in farm-to-table stock making by beautifully integrating founder Ryan Harvey’s core health and culinary philosophy with dynamic product displays, and innovative subscription purchasing. Gorgeous full-page banners modern parallax page movement direct the eye through an outstanding and effective user experience.

  • NHS Fun Factory

Santa Cruz-based NHS delivers a vibrant, high energy skateboard super-store which seamlessly integrates brands, tech, trends, and community into the premiere online destination for skate culture worldwide. The innovative custom deck builder is an industry exclusive which allows customers to create bespoke products across categories and specs.


ScotteVest’s innovative line of high-function fashion elevates the idea of the “everyday carry” with an incredibly sophisticated live visual demo of every product’s look and performance. Employing “x-ray” mode plus dynamic 360 views and video, ScotteVest takes modern merchandising to new heights of cool, while sophisticated use of product attributes makes sure every customer sees relevant, conversion-driving content throughout an outstanding user experience.

  • Artificial Plants & Trees

With the largest online selection of beautiful man-made plants and flowers in the world, Artificial Plants and Trees has prioritized outstanding product organization and display, with a modern, highly visual site which effortlessly presents more than 15,000 products. Incorporating video, informative DIY lifestyle content, and a fully-responsive mobile layout, customer loyalty is an evergreen.



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New at - LiveChat by LiveChat
Posted by Wayne Smith on 08 February 2017 10:20 AM

 LiveChat by LiveChat




LiveChat serves as an easy to use and effective way to interact with customers without them having to pick up the phone. With LiveChat, you can combine functionalities of live chat and help desk for sales increase and better customer satisfaction. The core feature of the software is its real-time live chat feature, where both service and sales teams can communicate with customers while they are on the website.



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Posted by Wayne Smith on 09 January 2017 09:03 AM







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Miva Blog - How To Convert Your Entire Miva Store to HTTPS
Posted by Wayne Smith on 05 May 2016 10:18 AM

HTTPS has always been a core part of any ecommerce website. If you’re accepting personal information online, including credit cards, you must have an SSL Certificate to encrypt the data. Typically, a website was only served over securely (HTTPS) on Account and Checkout Pages. General shopping and browsing was done over unencrypted HTTP. Over the past couple of years, that is starting to change. Google now prefers the entire site to be served over HTTPS to protect the visitor. They are even giving sites that are all https a small ranking boost. 

While serving every page over HTTPS adds some additional server overhead and can cause the page to load slightly slower, the additional time should be unnoticeable to the visitor.

This tutorial will walk you through step by step how to convert your Miva store to be entirely served over HTTPS. While the actual implementation and changes are relatively simple, making sure everything is done correctly is extremely important. If done improperly there are negative customer experiences which can occur, such as getting insecure warnings on pages and negative SEO consequences which can damage your rankings – both of which you want to avoid.


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End of Life Software and Non Compliance Fee Change Updates
Posted by Wayne Smith on 06 May 2015 02:54 PM

As Miva has evolved, we’ve built a unique, hybrid Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform that allows our customers to retain the control and independence of distributed software, while having the easy upgrades we’ve all come to expect from SaaS platforms. It’s time we refine and formalize our policies on when software is officially EOL (End of Life), and update our Non-Compliance Fee (NCF) policies accordingly.

Most Software-as-a-Service platforms don’t give you a choice when it comes to upgrades – you simply login one day and your platform has been upgraded for you, whether you like it or not, and whether it negatively impacts your business or not.

Miva has chosen a different path. While providing the type of seamless upgrades and updates people have come to expect from Software-as-a-Service, we don’t force you to upgrade before you’re ready. The downside to this path is that, often times, people will choose to run out-of-date software; and in this day and age, it’s simply not a wise, safe or prudent choice to run out-of-date software. 

We specifically created and use the Non-Compliance Fee program as an economic incentive program to encourage people to update their stores regularly.

For example, in my opinion, it is simply not safe to run any version of Miva Merchant prior to 5.5 Production Release 8 Update 7 (which was released on October 16, 2012, over two and a half years ago), yet we still have many customers who choose to run Miva Merchant 5.5 PR8 Update 6 or older (including people still running 2.x stores, which was released way back in 1999).

Going forward, Miva Merchant software will be considered EOL (End of Life) when either of these 2 circumstances are met:

1. Software has been officially Non-Compliant due to normal software releases, from the perspective of PCI software updates, for more than 12 Months. In other words, 15 months after the release of a new update, software will officially become EOL.


2. Software that is Non-Compliant due to a security release, from the perspective of PCI software updates, for more than 3 months. In other words, if we mark an update as a security-focused update, per the terms of PCI compliance, older software will be considered EOL 4 months after the security update is released.

What impact does Miva marking a product as End of Life have on you, the merchant?

First and foremost, it means we will not, under any circumstances, release a patch, update or upgrade for that version. The most common use cases would be either an API change by a provider (say for example USPS changes its rating API, we will not be releasing an updated USPS module to work on any EOL version of Miva Merchant).

Second, when there are system-level security changes (such as POODLE in 2014), we will not be releasing a patch or engine upgrade to keep EOL software fully operational on modern Operating Systems.

Non-Compliance Fee program changes:

Currently, we have a varied Non-Compliance Fee program that means you pay a different fee depending on if you’re hosted by a third party or directly with us; and, if you’re hosted with us, your fee varies based on the plan you have.

Going forward, we’re standardizing our Non-Compliance Fee program to a flat rate program. Your NCF will be $50 per month, if you’re running Non-Compliant but non-EOL’d software; or, it will be $100 per month, if you’re running Non-Compliant and EOL’d software.



Click here for the original blog post.

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ReadyTheme Developer Videos
Posted by Wayne Smith on 27 October 2014 09:30 AM

For anyone looking to build ReadyThemes (or you just want to learn more about how the new ReadyThemes works) We just released 5 new developer videos which walk through the Base Developer Framework as well as a overview of the main ReadyTheme features and functionality

We'll be continuing to add new ReadyTheme videos however, if you have any areas you would like to see more video content (or written documentation) on let me know and I can add it to our queue.

Some other helpful links:

ReadyTheme Documentation -

Base ReadyTheme Framework -

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4 is NOW LIVE!
Posted by Wayne Smith on 04 February 2011 08:51 AM
Miva Script is the server side scripting language of the MivaMerchant shopping cart, but it's uses go much further. It is is especially well suited for web development having built in support for MySQL, MivaSQL and xBase3 databases.

Click here to begin learning more about Miva Script
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Miva Merchant 4.x PA-DSS Update and End Of Life Announcement
Posted by Wayne Smith on 13 July 2010 07:35 AM
Dear Miva Merchant 4.x Customers,

As many of you already know, July 1, 2010 was the mandatory deadline for all payment applications to become PA-DSS Validated. This requirement impacts all payment gateway providers, swipe terminals, and shopping cart vendors like Miva Merchant.

PA-DSS Validation is different from PCI-DSS Compliance. Both are implemented and governed by the PCI Security Council, but in order to maintain your PCI-DSS Compliance as a merchant, you must be running PA-DSS Validated (and properly configured) software.

Miva Merchant recently completed its PA-DSS Audit and has received its Attestation of Validation (AOV) for Miva Merchant 5.5 Production Release 7. However, Miva Merchant 4.x is not and will not be PA-DSS Validated.

There are a number of reasons why we’ve been unable to validate Miva Merchant 4.x. The bottom line is that due to the complexity of the software code, it would be impossible to maintain compatibility with existing 4.x stores while still achieving validation.

So here is what we are providing for you, our valued Miva Merchant 4.x customers, to enable you to be fully PA-DSS Validated: an absolutely FREE (yes free) upgrade license to Miva Merchant 5.5. This upgrade license previously cost $399. But it is now available free of charge to every Miva Merchant 4.x user with an eligible license. Please contact your Host or Miva Merchant at (858) 490-2570 for information on your upgrade license.

We’ve also developed three new tools (also free) to make it easier to upgrade to 5.5.

1. OpenUI/MMUI Framework Exporter
2. Order History Exporter
3. Catalog Exporter (Products, Categories, etc...)

You can get information and to download the tools here:

In addition, for any Miva Merchant 4.x storeowners whose merchant account providers are not providing a grace period for running PA-DSS Validated software, we’ve cut a deal with PayPal to provide you a reduced rate on PayFlow Link. Utilization of PayFlow Link provides a workaround that, though less than ideal, will fully integrate with Miva Merchant 4.x as it exists today and handle all of your PA-DSS and PCI-DSS requirements. For more info or to sign up

Finally, you need to be aware that Miva Merchant 4.x will formally reach End Of Life on December 31st, 2011.

Until then, we will continue to maintain existing critical shipping and payment updates to ensure your 4.x store operates as it does today. But as stated above, PA-DSS Compliance will only be available through the PayFlow Link workaround. And on January 1st, 2012 all support and updates will cease for those who have not upgraded to Miva Merchant 5.5.

We want you and your store to continue to succeed. That’s why the Miva Merchant team is providing you with this free upgrade to 5.5. We encourage you to begin the upgrade process immediately in order to maintain the best experience for you and your customers – as well as robust compliance and validation with all PCI security issues.

Community Forum post regarding Miva Merchant 4.x PA-DSS Update and End Of Life Announcement

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Credit Card Security Code ( CVV2 ) explained
Posted by Jim McCormick on 21 July 2009 10:11 AM

Credit Card Security Code ( CVV2 ) explained

What is the CVV2?

The CVV2, Credit Card Security Code is the number found on the back of most cards. It's usually a three digit code, and it's purpose is to ensure that the person using the card for a purchase actually has that card IN THEIR HAND.

Why ask for the CVV2?

There are LOTS of ways that criminals can get their hands on lists of stolen credit card numbers. Getting hold of matching CVV2 numbers is much more difficult. Because of that, if your store verifies the CVV2 at checkout then it is much more likely that the purchase is genuine.

How can I accept CVV2?

Miva Merchant has modified many of its CURRENT payment gateways to include the CVV2 feature in the LATEST releases. Some CVV2 supported gateways are:
# AuthorizeNet

# Innovative Gateway
# First Data Global Gateway
# Payflow Link
# Payflow Pro
# CHASE Paymentech Orbital Gateway

# CyberSource


What if you process your orders through a terminal and it NEEDS CVV2

This is another frequently asked questions. The simple answer is... Tough Luck!.

There is a REASON why your terminal wants this CVV2. It's probably because your merchant account provider is giving you a good rate for NON-INTERNET sales. They give you this rate because if you are processing a card through a terminal, and have the card in hand then this is low risk. If on the other hand you are trying to process internet sales, then your merchant account providor wants to charge you Mid or Low qualifying rates.

What do you do? Well one thing you cannot do is find some way to store your customers CVV2 at checkout. This is absolutely forbidden by Visa, Mastercard etc. Think about it... what value is the CVV2 standard if people start storing this number with the credit card!!!

Bottom line, if you use simple credit card validation then your only options are:

# 1. Call customers and ask for the CVV2 when processing the transaction
# 2. Upgrade your payment gateway to one of the options above.

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